Our Delivery Process

What we'll do:

On the morning of delivery, you'll receive a text message from us with our ETA, which we set in line with your delivery instructions.


What you can do:

When you're ordering, just let us know what time is best for us to drop your kit. Please keep in mind, it really helps us out to have the largest possible window of time to deliver. So keep in mind if any family or friends will be home to take your food inside and put in the fridge. 

    If no one can be home for delivery:

    Please nominate a cool safe place for us to leave your kit. You could leave out an esky or cool bag for us to safely leave your delivery. 

    We will call and send a text once delivered. Your delivery contains fresh food that needs to be kept refrigerated. We cannot take responsibility for food that has been left out for too long. 

    If there is no safe place to leave your kit, you can collect your order from Marrickville, or re-delivery can be arranged for a fee. 


    If you live in an apartment building:

    Please let us know if we are able to leave the kit in the foyer or otherwise, if no one will be home. 

    You could also nominate a neighbour to receive your kit. Just pass on their apartment number to us.