How It Works

What is Laksaboi?

Laksaboi is an online meal-kit delivery provider, specialising in the great dish of Laksa.

We craft our own laksa paste and stock, plus assemble all of the other bits and pieces for you to have a quality, authentic Laksa at home in just half an hour.

You can choose a kit that's perfect for you:

- Choose how many to feed: Whether its date night, family night or a big dinner party. We provide kits for up to 10 people.

- Choose the spice: If you like it a bit mild, or with a big chilli kick, we've got a spice level for you.

- Fit your dietary requirements: Whether you're a coeliac, dairy free or vegan, there's a laksa for your needs.

What's in the kit? 👉

How does delivery work?

We deliver to Sydney's Inner West and Inner South every Friday afternoon between 1:30pm and 6:30pm.

If this is too tricky, let us know! We can drop your kit to a safe point while you're out, or arrange a pickup.

And there's no need to cook it straight away! You can save it and cook your laksa anytime over the weekend.

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