KL Laksa Hunt

KL Laksa Hunt

One of the many inspirations for Laksaboi was a February 2020 journey through Kuala Lumpur in search of the very best Laksa in the world. And we just about found it. We had heard of Limapulo: Baba Can Cook, about 20 minutes walk from the famous Petronas Twin Towers and made our way via the skytrain. 

We were seated shortly after doors opened and already the restaurant was buzzing with city office workers trying to get their weekly fix before the daily sold-out sign was put up. The restaurant is within an old converted industrial studio with so many textures: high timber ceilings, brick and rendered concrete walls, a perfect amount of lighting. 

Laksa is only sold on 3 days of the week at 'Baba', due to the difficulty of production, meaning the restaurant is always jam-packed on those particular days. Unknowingly to us, we had turned up on one of the four days when Laksa was not on the menu, with stomachs-empty. It was heartbreak at first, however we stayed for an amazing lunch, and determined to return the next day face our destiny. 

And it did not disappoint. Perfectly balanced chilli, spice and creaminess, it was easy to see why it was voted the best Laksa in Kuala Lumpur. The recipe is traditional Nyonya Laksa, based off Uncle John's (the founder of the restaurant) family recipe, which he learned from his mother. Our Laksaboi recipe is based on this very kind of laksa, with no use of curry leaves, cumin or many spices/herbs at all. 

After our meal, we were talking to Uncle John at the front counter. We told him about our love for this dish and he claimed there is no good Laksa in Sydney, pointing to Melbourne as the Laksa capital of Australia. As fellow laksa die-hards and proud Sydneysiders, we took that to heart and have set out to change his mind.

It has since became one of Laksaboi’s missions to put Sydney on the worldwide Laksa map so Uncle John can visit one day and enjoy a Laksa that reminds him of his own Laksa story.

Have you found the best laksa in the world somewhere else? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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